Patient Portal

ICANotes Patient Portal

Newport Integrated Behavioral Healthcare, Inc is pleased to offer our patients easy, secure and convenient access to their personal health information via ICANotes online portal.

Through our free ICANotes patient portal you can:

  • Online intake – patients can enter and update their own demographic data, and practices can review and automatically post the information into ICANotes. Patients can also enter HPI, past psychiatric history, medical history, family history, social history, and developmental history and it will pre-populate into an Initial Assessment.
  • Upcoming appointments and prescribed medications displayed on the portal so that patients can easily confirm/cancel appointments and request refills
  • Email appointment reminders

There is a simple ways to sign up for your personal access.

  1. Personal Invite– During your visit to Newport Integrated Behavioral Healthcare, Inc provided us with your personal e-mail for your invitation.
    Click on the link included in your e-mail from ICANotes or cut and paste to your web browser to activate your account.

If you have any difficulty registering or using the service, please contact Customer Support at 443-221-6796 or contact us via email at, through ICANotes website using LiveChat

Patients over 14 years of age who provided their registrar with an email address will automatically receive an email invitation to sign up for their ICANotes account.