Our Company

A private, for- profit, corporation, incorporated in the state of Georgia.


Newport substance abuse treatment philosophy is based on the belief that chemical dependence is a disease, which affects the individual’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and social life. At the level of dependence, the individual treats his/her moods and feelings with substances, and his/her behavior becomes more and more instinctual.

Newport believes that detoxification from chemicals and freedom from physical withdrawal and pain is a necessary first step in the journey of recovery and sobriety. Addiction to drugs is not infectious; what is infectious is sobriety. Every family, every friend, every taxpayer, loves a sober addict. Treatment is superior to incarceration.

More than 50% of clients with severe mental illness have co-occurring substance use problems. An integrated treatment under the same roof, by the same inter-disciplinary treatment teams, has been shown to produce better outcome.


Our “vision” is collaboration, with the client and his/her family, that supports the strength and self-efficacy of the client to achieve remission of symptoms of Mental illness and to see a pain-free, motivated individual, ready to begin the journey of recovery from Substance dependence.


Our “mission” is to provide integrated behavioral, psychiatric, and substance abuse services that are accessible, effective, safe, efficient, and appropriate to the needs of the consumers and his/her family; to be grounded in “Best Practices” with the ability to manage change. We are committed to provide quality services to our consumers and their families with respect, dignity, compassion, and genuine care.


Directed by a board-certified psychiatrist, the programs and services represents many professional disciplines, including medicine, psychology, nursing, social work, and counseling. Clinical staff has special expertise in working with different age populations. In addition, staff members have extensive experience working with patients of diverse sociocultural and linguistic backgrounds. Experiences and compassionate, Newport Integrated Behavioral Healthcare staff work together as an interdisciplinary team to assist each patient through the treatment process. Rapid, state-of-the-art diagnosis is integrated with thorough psychosocial assessment so that treatment is tailored to each patient’s needs.